One Vapor Pressure Tester for All Applications:

Gasoline, oxygenated gasoline, crude oil, LPG, solvents, fragrances, polymers and more

all this with a single analyzer in full compliance with the latest standards such as ASTM D5188, D5191, D6377, D6378, D6897, EN 13016, etc. Approved by international governmental bodies including the EPA, CARB, US Military, NATO as well as all leading petroleum companies.


Maximum Flexibility

ERAVAP was designed by an internationally renowned team of vapor pressure experts to cover a wide variety of different measurement scenarios. The first quality that catches the eye, however, is its push-button simplicity. The areas of application range from the use at terminals to freely programmable test methods for R&D laboratories. With its extended temperature range from -20 to 120°C (4 to 248°F) and V/L ratios down to 0.02 it can cope with the most difficult measurement scenarios as well as with routine analysis. An auto-switching power supply unit accepting voltage inputs between 85 and 264 V complements the broad applicability of ERAVAP. In combination with a 12 V power adapter it can be even field deployed and run by a vehicle battery.

Unmatched Precision


ERAVAP supports both piston-based mini methods ASTM D5191 and D6378 for vapor pressure measurement. These methods are currently the best received industry-wide, because they require no external vacuum pump. Of these two, the ASTM D6378 method is even easier to carry out, because it needs no sample preparation before the measurement. The triple expansion measurement principle used eliminates any operator bias. ERAVAP exceeds the precision statements of both methods.

The outstanding precision of the ERAVAP is the result of combining the in-novative measurement cell design with a choice of cutting-edge instrument parts. Among those count a self-lubricating piston drive, a built-in shaker motor and state-of-the-art solenoid valves that prevent cross contamination between samples. Therefore, the ERAVAP instrument clearly outperforms the standard methods in terms of repeatability and reproducibility
(r = 0.3 kPa, R = 0.7 kPa).

On-screen Quality Control


ERAVAP performs quality assurance measurements in full compliance with ASTM D6299. It allows to monitor up to 8 quality control samples in parallel. This makes it easy to continuously verify the system’s high performance on individual control charts for each different sample. To perform efficient quality control, the user can set individual warning levels to suit the measurement’s parameters. In ERAVAP it is possible to set warning levels between 1 and 3 times the standard deviation. If a quality control sample measurement falls out of this range, the instrument automatically displays a warning message. There is no need to check the control chart manually.

Autosampler for Unattended Analysis


The 10-position autosamplerlets you maximize your sample throughput while saving precious operator time. The sampler is directly attached and performs measurements without operator intervention.

Unrivaled Speed

The standard measurement time of ERAVAP is as little as 5 minutes. Paired with the unique VP-V/L Speed TestTM this makes it the fastest vapor pressure tester on the market. It can automatically measure T(V/L) values according to ASTM D5188 together with ASTM D5191 or ASTM D6378 vapor pressure values with a single click. The measurement results are displayed and stored under the same sample ID. When used with the optional 10-position autosampler the analyzer can perform up to 20 fully automated measurements. There is no need for operator intervention at all.

Solid Durability

With its quality-centric design ERAVAP is made for longest durability as well as peak performance. The self-lubricating measurement cell is the instrument’s centerpiece. Powerful Peltier elements for heating boost its efficiency. Combined, these parts guarantee that the ERAVAP is built for highest sample throughput rates at minimum maintenance. Temperature and pressure calibrations are performed without disassembling the instrument, which reduces down-times to an absolute minimum. For fastest on-site recalibration – even without certified equipment – it is also possible to simply use pure substances to calibrate ERAVAP.