A range of screen printed electrodes (SPE) is available for the Metrohm 910 PSTAT mini or the Autolab. They are available in 3 different materials: Carbon, Gold and Platinum and are supplied in packages of 75 units. The diameter of the working electrode area is 4 mm.

  • Gold electrodes can be used for quantitative applications, for example for the determination of mercury. They can also be used as substrate for self assembled monolayers (SAM) which have many applications in the field of biology and electrochemistry but also in electronics.
  • Carbon is the most universal and economic electrode material and can be used for various applications. Typical applications are cyclic or linear sweep voltammetry to explore reversibility, mechanisms of electrochemical reactions or reaction kinetics. The electrodes can also be modified with metal films or enzymes for quantitative applications.
  • Platinum electrodes are often used for experiments in the very positive potential range as an alternative to carbon electrodes where other electrode materials are already oxidized.