ERACHECK PRO Oil-in-Water Analyzer

The ERACHECK PRO is a compact stand-alone analyzer that comes in a modern, portable and rugged design.

The innovative measuring procedure is based on two patented technologies:
Safe, simple and environment-friendly extraction procedure with the non hazardous and low cost solvents cyclohexane or cyclopentane
Innovative quantum cascade laser infra-red (QCL-IR) measuring technology

Latest communication technology, like a large color touch screen and a built-in industry-PC with Ethernet and USB interfaces, allows for advanced data management by connecting modern printers, external keyboards, barcode readers, etc or by the integration into LIM systems.

The ERACHECK PRO offers large data point memory storage and password security to protect data from accidental deletion. Data can be saved into a memory stick and documented in popular PC worksheet formats for further data analysis. Connected to the internet, remote instrument diagnosis and immediate load of latest firmware and software are easily possible.


  • Measurement of total petroleum hydrocarbons in water and in soil
  • Full compliance with ASTM D7678
  • Latest QCL-IR technology
  • Safe and low cost extraction with non-polluting cyclohexane/cyclopentane
  • Maximum precision in sub-ppm range
  • Pushbutton simplicity
  • Portable and rugged stand alone design
  • Ideal for site screening


  • Monitoring the wastewater discharge of oil depots, refineries, offshore rigs, etc.
  • Monitoring the efficiency of oil/water separation processes
  • Surveying water and soil quality and hazardous waste sites

Technical Data

  • Measurement in full compliance with ASTM D7678
  • Excellent correlation to ASTM D3921 andD 7066
  • Wide measuring range: 0.5 to 2000 ppm
  • Precision: repeatability < 0.5 ppm
  • Measuring time: 2 minutes
  • Extraction time: 5 minutes
  • Sample volume: 10 ml
  • Extraction: 12 ml cyclohexane/cyclopentane for 250 ml waste water
  • Interfaces: Ethernet, 4 x USB, 1 x RS232, Audio in/out
  • Power requirements: auto-switching power supply 85-264 V AC, 47-63 Hz, 120 W
  • Field application: optional power converter for 12 V/9A DC (vehicle battery) operation
  • W x H x D: 220 x 320 x 280 mm
  • Weight: 8 kg