Handheld XRF Spectrometer

Handheld X-ray fluorescent (XRF) analyzers have the capability to quantify or qualify nearly any element from Magnesium to Uranium, depending on specific instrument configurations. 

Portable XRF spectrometers allow you to take the battery operated analyzer to the sample rather than bringing the sample into the lab. This is especially useful when the test specimen is large and heavy, or needs to be analyzed in-situ. 

Handheld XRF industries and applications are very diverse; some examples include:

  • Food Analyzers
  • Food Safety & Agriculture
  • Metal Analysis
  • Scrap Sorting
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Mining & Exploration
  • Environmental & Soil Screening
  • Restricted materials in consumer products
  • Art & Archeometry
  • Research & Teaching

Bruker manufactures two different families of handheld XRF analyzers which give you a broad range of options to meet all of your analysis needs. 


Research products include Tracer Series. The Tracer family is the research product family and is designed to give the user maximum flexibility in measurement conditions, as well as the ability to create and modify calibrations. 



Industrial products include S1 TITAN series. The S1 TITAN series are industrial analyzers and as such are intended for specific applications such as metal identification or mineral exploration, just to name a few. They are specifically designed to be easy to use by users with little technical training. These systems are delivered factory-calibrated to address a specific application.