Fingerprint Your Fuels in Seconds

Gasoline Analysis: oxygenates, aromatics, OCTANE boosters, RON, MON, AKI, RVPE, VLI, density and distillation properties …
Diesel Fuel Analysis: FAME, FAEE, distinction between FAME and vegetable oil, aromatics, PNA, CETANE number and index …
Jet Fuel Analysis: aromatics, PNA, FAME, freezing point, flash point …
all this in seconds with a portable analyzer in full compliance with the latest standards such as ASTM D5845, D6277, D7806, EN 238, EN 14078 ..

Detailed FTIR Analysis


ERASPEC uses a patented rugged Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectrometer to deliver laboratory precision in a portable instrument. At the single push of a button it analyzes your fuel for over 40 parameters within seconds. ERASPEC directly measures the significant gasoline components, such as aromatics, oxygenates and octane boosters. In addition, it determines all important gasoline parameters. Those include RON, MON, AKI, RVPE, VLI and distillation properties to name but a few.
In Diesel fuel the instrument directly measures total aromatics, polynuclear aromatics and the cetane improver 2-EHN. Biodiesel measurements deliver results for the FAME and FAEE concentrations. The instrument then uses the measurements to calculate the cetane number, cetane index and the distillation fractions. Jet fuel analysis additionally gives results for the freezing, flash- and smoke points.
The built-in oscillating U-tube density meter (ASTM D7777, ISO 15212) accurately measures fuel density and allows displaying the results in Vol% as well as in Mass%.