solariX by BRUKER

Optimized FTMS Solutions for the Most Challenging Applications

solariX, the next-generation line of hybrid Qq-FTMS systems, is the culmination of key technology enhancements that provide unique capabilities in mass spectral performance and versatility.


These technological advances provide

  • Superior Sensitivity
  • Unmatched Mass Accuracy and Broadband Resolution
  • Widest range of structural tools, including Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD)
  • Expansive Mass Range
  • Selective Ion Enrichment and Enhanced Dynamic Range
  • Application Directed and Optimized Solution Packages

The solariX series represents the latest in FTMS, and are the most sensitive, accurate, highest resolution, and broadest dynamic range instruments available today.

Combined with features such as ETD, the solariX family also provides an unrivalled degree of flexibility and customization beyond anything else available.

The analytical power and performance of FTMS is well suited to address some of today’s most challenging and complex samples. Drawing on years of applications experience, we have combined our unique FTMS instrumentation and comprehensive software tools to provide turn-key solutions for the following areas:

  • High End Proteomics Studies (Top-down and Bottom-up workflows)
  • Petroleum Product Analysis
  • Complex Environmental Sample Analysis
  • Metabolomics Research