One Flashpoint Tester for All Applications:


Fresh & used oils including fuel dilution measurement
Diesel & jet fuel, FAME (biodiesel), asphalt & bitumen
Flavors & fragrances, paints & varnishes, solid & liquid waste
Mobile laboratories, military applications, flash/no flash tests
all this with a single analyzer in full compliance with the safest flashpoint standards ASTM D6450 & D7094, with proven correlation to ASTM D93 & EN ISO 2719

Maximum Safety


To meet the strict safety requirements in today’s high-tech laboratories, ERAFLASH operates in full compliance with the safest Continuously Closed Cup Flash Point (CCCFP) methods ASTM D6450 and D7094. In fact, we have taken CCCFP to the next level. Not only does the small measuring chamber that requires only 1-2 ml of sample remain closed at all times during measurement. There are no open flames or glowing wires at all in the ERAFLASH. Instead, the flashpoint is detected by pressure measurement inside the closed measuring chamber. Naturally, this design completely prevents the risk of fire or hazardous fumes. The fully heat-insulated sample cup holder is safe to touch even after measurements at very high temperatures.

Minimum Maintenance

Cleaning after measurements often took time and involved maintenance activities or replacing sensors or other elements of the chamber assembly. ERAFLASH is different. Its innovative CPT-Contamination Prevention Technology TM, a combination of an advanced electrode protection and self-cleaning ignition system, reduces cleaning & maintenance to an absolute minimum.