About Us


Dynalab Corporation is a privately-owned Philippine company, with office address Unit 905 Atlanta Centre; Annapolis Street Greenhills; San Juan City Manila Philippines 1502.

Established in March of 1986, the company has always been an exclusive distributor of high technology instruments from reputable international manufacturers.  The company also provides after-sales service to clients through a group of factory-trained Service Engineers.  Hence, in its 30 years of existence, Dynalab has built a name in the industry for quality equipment with an efficient customer after-sales service.

Dynalab keeps abreast with new developments in the market through constant training, seminars and symposia with its principals.  Dynalab sees the need to meet changing customer demands and is capable of recommending the most appropriate analytical equipment for the Petroleum Industry, Food and Pharmaceutical firms, Academe and Research Institutions and companies engaged in the Semiconductor / Electronics industry, Packaging, Power and Energy Generation, Personal Care and Hygiene, Detergents, Chemicals, Water, Environmental,  etc.

The company has qualified marketing personnel with long years of experience and technical capabilities supported by consultants respected in their specialized fields.  This powerful combination of competent staff and comprehensive product range plus the assurance of after-sales service keeps Dynalab at the forefront.


Our role is to identify and provide quality instruments for physical and chemical analyses and effective after-sales service for various instrumentation that we supply to different industries in the Philippines.  Dynalab seeks to pursue aggressive marketing strategies so as to achieve excellence as a market leader in the industry.  To achieve this role is foremost in our basic plan and program.


We are in the business of marketing and servicing instrumentation for the analytical, biochemical laboratories of different industries as well as in the environmental sector.  We aim to excel in this industry through innovative marketing and customer satisfaction and fostering a business partnership to benefit involved parties.  Further, we aim to secure the loyalty and commitment of our staff by recognizing and providing continuous development of their talents and by extending to them fair and adequate rewards.

Distinctive Competence:

Our future lies in being able to satisfy the specific needs of the industries we are serving.  To do this, we expanded Dynalab’s present operation and introduced new product lines in the field of Environmental Engineering and Water Analysis to cover the study, supply and packaging of products and project in these specialized areas.  We also intend to expand into new markets for our existing established products.  In the process, we envisage a growing need to improve on our knowledge based through continuous training of our personnel locally and overseas and to continue to strengthen our competitiveness in the market place.